About us

Who we are

Recreational cycling club “Japod” is a non-party, non-governmental and non-profit organization registered in the year 2010. The establishment of the club arose from the love towards cycling and socializing, and also to show our fellow citizens the beauty we have a chance to see on our rides. RCC “Japod” besides recreational cycling wants to facilitate our members in active participating in different manifestations related to mountain cycling, in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in foreign countries, and to organize similar events, recreational and contestant type alike.

When the club was established, we had 10 members joining us, but in the meantime interest of the people from Bihać, who recognized biking as a healthy and fun way of socializing, grew. So, the number of active members is increasing day by day. We are especially pleased to highlight the fact that RCC “Japod” has been organizing a successful bicycle race „National Park Una“ for years now, and by that actively contributes to the tourism, not only of the city of Bihać but also Una-Sana Canton.

The club is open to all lovers of nature, sports and, of course, cycling!

The RCC “Japod” organization was registered on 21.01.2010. and from then on it started with its official work. The idea that was suggested by many cyclists on our mutual tours was accomplished in that way. RCC “Japod” acts on the territory of Una-Sana Canton and accordingly is registered by the competent court as a non-governmental and a non-profit organization.

Our goals

The goals of the Organization are: to help in promoting cycling development, a healthy lifestyle, sports in general, to show natural beauties of B&H, educations via academic texts, advices, equipment tests, riding techniques, organizing cycling races and rides, mapping, labeling and making new bike tracks, to promote ecological consciousness and protection of the environment, participation in public debates related to cycling tracks planning, working with children and teenagers, publishing maps and guide books, giving advisory services, dealing with other legal affairs that are in a function of achieving goals of the Organization.

The official abbreviation of the Association Recreation Cycling Club Japod is RCC (RBK) Japod.

All recreational mountain-cycling races and tours of the contestant type, which RCC “Japod” organizes, are going to be announced via this web site. The work of the Organization is going to be transparent and all the main decisions and activities will be published on the website and forum RCC “Japod”. Insight to all the documents (suggestions, initiatives and decisions) will have only full-fledged members of the RCC “Japod”. By joining RCC “Japod” Full-fledged members are included in the decision-making process of the organization.

Club president: Hidajet Pečenković