Participants coming from eu are mandatory to bring an id card, everyone else participating will be required to have a passport. there will passangers border check on the territory of r croatia, because the train is passing trough r croatia.

Bicycle race will be ridden no matter the weather forecast!


Time and place of the gathering, participants applications

from 08:00 - 09:30 o'clock

City main square, across the Town Hall Bihać

from 09:30 o'clock

Organiser of the bicycle race will be addressing the participants, with the introduction of the race prepositions to the participants.

from 09:00 – 09:30 o'clock

Cultural art program (local folklore)

from 09:00 – 09:30 o'clock

For those who want, organized visit to the mosque Fethija

from 9:30 – 09:45 o'clock

Mayor of the city Bihać and president of NP UNA will address the participants

at 10:00 o'clock

Start: Departure form the Municipality Bihać's main square

Bicycle track is 45 kilometers long and it starts from Bihać, across Golubić, little bridges in Ripač, Gorjevac, entrance to the NP “Una”, it goes down to Štrbački Buk, then to the village Ćelije, and it ends in Kulen Vakuf in Tourist Center “Discover” at the entrance to Kulen Vakuf on the waterfall- Buk.

From the overall distance of the road, 16 kilometers is a good macadam road and the rest is asphalt.

The total height difference is about 850 meters above sea level.

We arrive in Kulen Vakuf and lunch is from 15:00 to 16:00 o'clock. Finishing with lunch, we load the bikes into the wagons on the train station Kulen Vakuf, and then depart with the train to Bihać at 17:00 o'clock.

Scheduled arrival in Bihać is around 19:00 o'clock.

During the bicycle race two breaks are scheduled for refreshments, i.e. “feed-zone”, with the first one planned at Gorjevac, the entrance of NP Una, and the second one at Štrbački Buk.

Registration fee is 25 KM. 

Bicycle race applicants are provided:

  • medical help,
  • technical help,
  • group lunch after bicycle race,
  • refreshment on the track (feed-zone) x 2,
  • free entrance to the NP Una,
  • free ride on the way back in the promotional train,
  • visit to the mosque Fethija in the center of Bihać,
  • cultural art program (folklore) before the start of the bicycle race,
  • live music on the train,
  • free draft beer and juices on the train,
  • promotional bicycle scarf for a reminder/souvenir of the race.

A mountain bike is recommended, but a trekking or gravel bike will do too.

The bicycle race will be lead by experienced guides from the RBK “Japod” Club and it is forbidden to pass to the front because of the safety reasons. Police escort will be provided and the vehicle „broom“ for the cyclists which might have failures on their bikes. All participants are obligated to wear helmets.

REMARK The organizer will not be responsible for the actions of the participant towards themselves and other people. A participant has the right to participate in the race if he/she possesses a technically sound bicycle and accepts our release of liability terms.